- CentiLeo (centileo.com) is a photorealistic interactive GPU ray tracing renderer of huge 3D content on consumer computers such as desktop or laptop.

- This demo proves that it is possible to explore huge scenes with lot's of textures on a consumer computer with a single GPU thanks to the efficient specialized virtual memory manager. The size of the scene content may exceed the physical GPU processor memory by orders of magnitude.

- This demo shows interacive exploration through the New York downtown scene represented by 25 million polygons and 8 gigabyte of textures (more than 1000 high-resolution textures) and through the Boeing 777 scene represented by 360 million polygons (or 250 million polygons in some shots).

- A demo shows captured work of CentiLeo program where the image is updated with a viewer camera move through the scene. Frame updates are accumulated together reducing the Monte Carlo noise in the image if camera is not moving.

- 1280x720 image updates run 10 times per second with 10 bounce path tracing (ray tracing) using a laptop GPU resulting in interactive huge scene exploration with global illumination ON.

- Laptop specs include: 200 GB SSD storage, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485M graphics card with 2 GB of memory (pricing for this laptop was 2000$ in 2011).

- Other rendering programs can explore such scenes with a much more expensive computer.

- Prepared for SIGGRAPH 2012 exhibition (booth 1012).

- Boeing 777 data provided courtesy of the Boeing Company, David Kasik

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