A shelf tool + Python SOP to combine the best of fracturing and rbd point objects.

The tool takes a voronoi fracture sop as it's input, and generates a point cloud in a new geo object. A subnet is also created, with each of the fractured pieces becoming it's own object, and being centered at origin. Each of the point clouds gets an instance attribute pointing to the obj level piece from which it was originally generated.

Greatly reduces storage impact, as geometry can be saved as points to disk.

I keep forgetting to add a link to the code! This blog post (cartojellybeans.blogspot.com/2012/07/rbd-fracture-points.html) explains it, and provides links to the two github gists with the shelf tool, and python sop code. You'll have to make your own shelf tool and python geometry sop, but then you can paste this code into each one.

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