Absences is a series of electronic interventions in natural environments. Autonomous electronic devices are deployed within various ecosystems in the manner of ephemeral experiments. They interact with the surrounding elements through different relational strategies. Taking shape at the frontier of electronic art and environmental art, it proposes a meditation on solitude and association, natural and artificial, interaction and contemplation.

The Fifth Absence is the last intervention in the series. It was created during a two weeks residency at the Centre d'Art i Natura in the Catalonian Pyrennees (Spain), in June 2011. It is an artificial agent consisting of a line of nine garden-lamp solar cells hanging from a cliff. The agent lies in a perpetual tension between its need of solar power and its desire to avoid looking at the sun. It  gets rewarded for avoiding light and punished for running out of power. Over time, the agent learns by trials and errors what is the best course of actions in order to fulfill its inner desire to avoid light as much as possible, while trying to avoid running out of batteries (it takes several days for the agent's behavior to stabilize).  In so doing, it creates its own world of connectionist representations.

More info: sofianaudry.com/en/works/absences
Project website: absences.sofianaudry.com

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