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The important aspect of my project is extracting harmony form different two constituents or concepts using spatial language of architecture. The first impression of this site was just ‘empty’. Furthermore, a surprising fact is that the estimated percent of the population under 18 years old in 2009 in the district is more than 30%. Also, approximately half of them are living in poverty and with low education level. However, they have seen better days around 1960’s. At that time, there were a lot of factory and facility before changing of indutrial structure. I would like to try to resuscitate this district with art education as a catalyst. I selected young people of 1960’s and 2010’s as two different constituents of my project. Then, I got two diagrams from patterns of their behavior with their attractors and frequency within the field of activity from the site by using suffling method. These two different constituents have been neighborhood and artists including students in the concept of ‘users’. How are they mixing together? All circulations-ramps, stairs-with different degrees of slope and rest pockets and art pieces everywhere and several entrances depending on each type of users will change their speed of passing and make unexpected event when they meet different types of users with them.

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