This is the first talk of Thay from the fourth week of the Summer Opening Retreat, offered in English on Saturday, July 28th, 2012, in the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village, France.

00:00 Title Screen
25:00 Namo Avalokiteshvaraya
49:45 Mindful Movement
59:00 Bell of mindfulness
01:05:20 Smrti - mindfulness - 念, the energy that help you to established in the here and the now
01:07:20 What is going in your body (身), feeling (受), mind (心), and the object of your mind (法)
01:15:00 The country of your true home is the present moment
01:17:50 I do it mindfully
01:18:30 Mindful Breathing
01:21:10 The 16 Exercises of Mindful Breathing, Anāpānasati Sutta
01:35:00 Mindful Walking
01:47:30 I have arrived I am home
01:55:10 Apply walking meditation every time you walk

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