Directed by Elizabeth Abrams
Cinematography by Matthew Nauser
Editing by Sara Iyer
Music by David Semien

Made in the Spring of 2012 using materials and persons found inside Los Angeles gallery/store/creative studio IKO IKO, home space of designs by Rowena Sartin, Waka Waka, and other high craft and design pieces!

Featuring pieces by:
1. Rowena Sartin / WAKA WAKA wood circle bangle
2. Ben Fiess porcelain jar
3. Rowena Sartin leather basik belts
4. Jonathan Mess ceramic sculpture
5. Mingei wood toys, Japan
6. Zachary Leener, ceramic sculpture
7. WAKA WAKA shaped bookends
8. Here and There magazine
9. Ginger Lukas miniature porcelain goblets
10. Boro textile, Japan
11. Katy Krantz stoneware handle vase

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