Sci-fi/thriller/action short

Two men go out for a normal day of hunting and quickly find themselves being hunted.

Director/DP/Editor/cinematography : Chase Reatherford
Writers: Chase Reatherford, Connor Parkhurst, Jarod Reatherford
Actor/Special Effects/Visual Effects: Jarod Reatherford
Actor/SoundFX/Music: Connor Parkhurst

I just bought my first video camera june 2011 thinking it would be a hobby next thing I know it is my passion. For my film class I had to make a short film that had to be over 5 minutes in length. We started writing the script on June 4th 2012 and started filming a week later. We finished on July 27th 2012. It was a huge accomplishment for us to make this film because it was just the three of us working on it my brother Jarod, Connor and I. Especially because we only had one computer to work on..haha. I would edit hours straight then trade off to my brother to edit his special effects, then trade off so Connor could make his sound. Then we would start the cycle all over again. This was very time consuming and a challenge! Overall it took us around 150 to 200 hours to complete this film. We are very happy with how it turned out being our first short film. We hope you all enjoy and would love to here your comments!

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