This is the second talk from the fourth week of the Summer Opening Retreat, offered in ENglish on Saturday, July 28th, 2012, in the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village.

00:00 Title Screen
02:00 Monastic Chanting: Heart Sutra in French, Praising the Three Jewels
16:10 Three Bells
17:23 Introduction
17:45 Buddha in Stone, Buddha in Flesh
24:15 The Wisdom of Non-Discrimination
38:00 Drinking a Cloud
39:30 The Seed of Corn Transformed into a Plant of Corn
52:00 Mindful movement
01:00:00 The son in the father
01:05:00 No suffering no happiness
01:11:00 The practice is not to run away from suffering
01:19:10 The lotus flower cannot sprout on the marble
01:20:35 This is because that is
01:22:00 Below and upper
01:31:00 Exercises of mindful breathing
01: 47:10 No violence towards your anger
01:51:10 Bring cold air to your room
01:52:00 I take refuge in the sangha is a practice
01:55:20 The goodness of suffering

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