Title: Remember
Album: Jaqwawaj
Track: 01 of 12

Music: Marsman
Video Director: Yohsuke Chiai
Special Thanks: Akihiro Murayama

Be sure to download the entire 12 track audiovisual album either in high quality (1280 x 720 mp4 & 320kbps mp3), or as mobile version (480 x 270 mp4/h264, 44.1 aac), to take away.
HQ: archive.org/download/born002_Jaqwawaj/born002_Jaqwawaj.zip (1.5 G)
MOBILE: archive.org/download/born002_Jaqwawaj_-_mobile_version/born002_Jaqwawaj_-_mobile_version.zip (212.1 M)


netlabel @ borndigital.nu

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