5 minutes extract from the full 23 minutes performance .

fire-23° is an AudioVideoDance performance exploring the will to exit and escape from reality or stereotypes of everyday life but while being frozen in the middle of the fire .

It's the story of our personal escapes, told through a MicroKorg synthesizer, b/w pixels getting together into shapes and life landscapes, movement and interpretation.

Everything begins all over again in white wash, when we are born from waters. It's the last full silence, before we scream loud into this world. We get caught into stereotypes and loops.
Tension from being trapped brings to a breakdown and crashes down with destructed bass.
We sink to the bottom.
From the ground rises new hope, call for better feelings, vision of how changing tones of the space may affect inner parts of our nervous system. But this is fake love. Illusion doubles and folds over the next one and we try to fit in by being invisible.
Nothing lasts, just us frozen in the middle of the fire. Reality lost, illusion lost.
Only if we fall into a dark and unconscious brand new world of psychomodules we can speak the abstract language of synthesizes, pronounce waves and twists, reverbs on the meanings, delays on syntax.
Pulsar sound is coming at random speed, we might be reversed, purified and forgiven, if we kill the feedback inside of the heart to be free from a possible return of the need to run and escape from our selves .

The video animation did follow the narration, and in a synaesthetic way interpreted the sound in the form of coloured visual impressions evoked by hearing, creating a space of black and white contrasts for the dancer to improvise, react and travel.

This is a zero budget work.

thanx to Chiara and Karin for camera documentation material.

Performance from Femme Fraktale event - 26.05.12 - B.L.O. Ateliers, Berlin.

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