Trace is an investigation into the concept of memory and how humans retain and recall data. The project explores the ways in which our memories are inevitably altered, blurred and disjointed as a result of time, location and the knowledge we acquire. The content forming the core of the project is based around memories associated with travel and is binded by typographic references to Jack Kerouac's classic novel "On The Road."

Trace evokes the traditional method of recollecting memories, recapturing past memories by referencing the sensory connections as experienced through synesthesia – utilising colour, type, shape and sound to encompass the user’s senses.

The animations were placed in physical locations around Sydney through the form of interactive postcards. The postcards featured unique QR codes that allowed visitors to view the videos immediately through their mobile phones to reflect the serendipitous nature in which our memories are triggered and essentially ‘traced’.

Trace was completed as my university major project. It was exhibited in the Annual UTS Design Graduate Show in 2010 and has also been selected to exhibit at the Melbourne Museum in 2011 and the Global Gallery Paddington in 2011.

It was awarded 1st place at the Brain Art Exhibition in the Senior Film & Animation Prize.

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