My graduation film from the animation department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem

The film deals with the question whether it is possible to adapt every child to one specific mold?

In an enclosed city, in which everyone looks the same and follows the same path, in which everything is done according to the books--one girl sprouts wings. The idea that their daughter will be "strange" in their society is too difficult for the family. They feel they cannot allow the difference to continue to grow, and must therefore fit her into the existing framework. Now the girl must face her difference and choose between her family and her freedom.

Created by: Reut Bortz (Script, Direction, Animation, Art, Design, Layout)
Nir Philosof (Art, Layout, Animation)

Original Score by: Rea Meir
Sound design by: Elad Gazar

Haifa International Film Festival (Israel, 2012)
Big Cartoon Festival (Russia, 2012)
Monstra Animation Festival (Portugal, 2013)
Toronto Jewish Film Festival (Canada, 2013)
Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival (Israel, 2013)
Jerusalem Film Festival (Israel, 2013)
FEMINA International Women´s Film Festival (Brazil, 2013)
Jewish Eye - World Jewish Film Festival (Israel, 2013)
Balkanima (Serbia, 2013)
International women's film festival (Israel, 2013)
UK Jewish film festival (London, 2013)
Bucharest Jewish Film Festival (Romania, 2013)

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