Hello everybody :-)

"The bee is a symbol of the initiate, who has learnt to transform, sublimate and illuminate everything within himself for the preparation of honey. The beehive is within him, and the honey is all the purest and most subtle elements that radiate from his whole being: his emanations.

All beings are called to seek out and extract a quintessence from themselves, so as to transform it into honey. To do this they must work with their mind, heart and will, for it is thanks to these instruments that they can realize everything in their inner still. This is also true alchemy. The true alchemist has learnt one thing: how to become a bee and extract all that is best from nature and, above all, from human beings. He looks at them and speaks to them, and each one is a flower whose nectar he will collect in order to prepare honey."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Good and beautiful bee inspirations to all of you :-)


The music is Mozart's "Gigue in G, K 574".

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