First test with the gh2 camera and the flowmotionv v2.2 hack.

I didn't bother testing the camera without the hack and directly installed the flowmotion v2.2 hack which seemed to be the best to me from the ones I found online.
So I can't tell you if this hack is better than another but so far I have nothing to complain about and I am impressed with the quality.

After trying a couple test videos with my mark II at the time and getting frustrated from the lack of detail and the muddy look I must say I am very impressed with the GH2.
I think it even was too sharp on a couple of shots.
You can't really tell from the vimeo conversion but on the first close up shot I did not sharpen the image at all in post and yet it looks like if I abused the unsharpmask command...(in camera sharpen set to minus 2)

GH2 users; do you happen to blur some of your shots in post?
I am going for a cinematic look and over sharp images look more like hd broadcast imo.

Purpose of this test was to get familiar with handling the camera, shooting, and the post-production process.
Regarding the post process I color graded in ae, (only color graded the flares are real).

What I learned from this test:

- GH2 is very impressive as far as detail rendition, although the housing is small, and so are the buttons and screen, making it not so enjoyable to operate. But what matters is the final image quality anyways.
- the old canon fd 85mm used in this vid is amazing despite what I have read online on the canon fd lenses being soft
- I don't like my canon fd 17mm for video, too slow, not sharp enough, very hard to focus past a couple meters
- the gh2 crop factor (whatever it is I remember a debate online and I did not understand any of it) is a lot and I really need a very wide lens, going for the pancake 14mm
- I used elinchrom 650 watts continuous lighting and I was not impressed, not powerful enough, heats up a lot. switching to a 1200 watts Fresnel on my next test shoot
- doing random test with the camera and light makes up for a poor final video edit but that's not the point anyways

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and insight
Thanks for watching

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