Biblical Christianity teaches a very simplistic creationist view, one that can be taught in its completion in about 10 minutes, replete with Adam, Eden, rib, fig leaf, snake, sweat-of-thy-brow and great flood. In contrast, Edgar Cayce’s creationism takes about 40 minutes to merely introduce, requires a mind subtle enough to follow its logic, makes associations one might not hear outside philosophy classes, and tends to bore all but those who are sincerely interested. With our world currently boasting nearly 2 billion Christians, and Christianity itself being the world’s most popular religion, I’ll let you decide which version the apostles were willing to publicly teach, to allow to be shared in their recorded correspondences with each other.

I believe the following is the explanation of creation revealed to the apostles following the Pentecost. Who they in turn revealed it to was a matter of their own discretion. If a man came to them and was particularly bright, particularly interested in causalities, teleology—the ultimate origins of things, the ultimate nature of the universe and Man’s place in it—then the plate of baby food was taken away and the grown-up four-course dinner was presented. Point is, nobody went away hungry or less than spiritually satiated—and what was truly amazing is the apostles teaching this deeper cosmology were never scholars themselves, but former tax-gathers, former fishermen, former working people whom Jesus, himself, forever referred to as “the simple”.

However, it goes without saying the “deeper view” never became very popular amongst the converted. This is because it includes reincarnation, thereby implying a more arduous journey to heaven; sins of commission were forgiven on the cross, whereas sins of omission were brought to mind (even by the Christ)—and these latter sins would have to be expiated through one or more subsequent incarnations. It also implied heaven may not be all bliss. It would certainly be bliss for those who had made themselves fit for a life of “condition-less being” wherein mind, alone, ruled (mind governed in toto by God), but most people don’t prepare themselves for such a profound destiny while on earth. What most people have always cared about—even in Jesus’ day—is getting a good vocation, marrying, having lots of children and money, getting lots of respect from one’s social grouping, magnifying one’s ego in both friend and foe alike.

This notwithstanding, after 2,000 years since Jesus Christ’s revitalizing of the Pentateuch we are now entering a time when the overly-simplified version of creation no longer sits well with most people, including most Christians (most American believers no longer ascribe to a literal interpretation of Genesis). Indeed, it’s humbling for the man or woman of faith to see how a mere foundation degree in “biology” requires 4 years of study, but their own most sacred belief of “how life came about” can be casually expounded in 10 minutes. Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven” is almost as long and no more thorough in what it reveals in the way of divine ontology or philosophical absolutes. So with all that said, here is the deeper Christian creationism given by Edgar Cayce, the esoteric Christian teleology to compliment & complete its exoteric counterpart.

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