SELFKILL 「公路白」 -你往何處去 music video
SELFKILL "Highway Dawn" - Where are you going music video

About This Music Video:

Somehow, you don't know when and why you need to "plan" for going back to your hometown.
At the same time, you don't know why and when , "Going home" become one of your "Vacation".
So you can't tell the difference between " You are going home" and "You are going to a vacation.

Your hometown seems not that familiar, but you've been growing up there.

Director : Shih Hui Hung
Photography : Cheng Chen
Music : Where are you going ( Highway dawn 2012 ) / SELFKILL


SELFKILL is a post-rock band form in 2002 as a trio in Taipei, Taiwan, They released the full-length debut album”雨停了之後? ”(The moment that the rain stops?) in the White Wabbit Record , 2006. The album mixed with gloomy ambience, noise, distorted guitar riffs and melodic basslines. With this album, the band became the first indie band in Taiwan that plays instrument rock nominated by the Best Band of the Year in Golden Melody Awards in 2007. Waiting for many years, SELFKILL release their new album "公路白" (Highway Dawn) in 2012 summer.


在外地求學、工作久了,對我自己而言,每次要從台北回到台南的家時, 我常常有一種到底是"回家"還是要"渡假"的錯覺。



by 胖虎

攝影:陳志誠Cheng Chen
動畫:潘怡潔VJ Ellen
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