Never Beyond Redemption

She was assaulted, abused and mistreated by men. This caused Dorette Kasselman to later seek both refuge from and revenge on men. She utilized her charm in seducing men and abusing marital relationships, but God had a plan with her life. Her family never ceased to pray for her and Jesus brought her to repentance and renewal. Today she has a beautiful family and serves God full-time. The scarlet woman has been transformed into woman with passion and purity steadfast in God’s love and ultimate grace.

Starring: Dorette Kasselman
Directed: Adi van der Walt
Producer: Heinrich Stofberg
Production Assistants: Letitia Purchase, Marlie Jacobsz
Camera: Paul Hugo
Lighting: PL van Twisk
Sound: JD Labuscagne
Colorists: Adi van der Walt, Paul Hugo
Editing: Paul Hugo
Music: "Op. 5, Étude No. 18" by Tom Fahy (, "Androids Always Escape" by Chris Zabriskie (, "Heliograph" by Chris Zabriskie (, "A Call to Arms" by A Hollow In The Land

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