I didn't go to Oshkosh this year. Troy and his sidekick, Adam saved me a couple tanks of gas and stopped by after the show. Troy teased John, Don and I with the new Highlander here at Graham's Mountain School of Flying©.

Troy built these crazy gear legs with 18" of travel. But he didn't stop there...check out the wing with fowler flaps and leading edge slats. It can fly really slow. I can usually fly as slow as any plane on final approach (landing) when doing a video shoot, but not this one!

Troy claimed he was a little rusty but he had no problem with our toughest hills. We were impressed.

I usually cut the videos up shorter, but I let it play out this time here and there in case any of you kids didn't make it to Oshkosh either and you wanted to see an airplane roll by.

I put out a call for some royalty free music and this super famous band from Portland heard the call! I think Ohio Bush Planes is going to start selling glow sticks cuz it marries up nicely with Don's super-sonic propeller.

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