A visual effects short film by Raul Quiroga for: "Integrating a computer generated character into live action footage" Project Unit at SAE London College 2012. Completed towards Bachelor in Interactive Animation.

The production of the short was intended to be done in order to understand how visual effects shots are approached in the professional industry and to research and learn what different techniques and tools are required for the production of this kind of media.

All visual elements were created from scratch. The entire pipeline involved different areas of production such as Character design and character development (modeling, texturing, shading and rigging) storyboard and animatic production, Live action footage shooting, image processing, camera tracking and 3D integration. Motion capture and animation, Lighting and rendering and composting.

Software used:
Maya 2012
Zbrush 4R3
MotionBuilder 2012
After Effects
Arena Optitrack

- Camera: Canon 7D

Sound Design and Music by Martina Carluccio and Charlie Cristiani at FocalRhythm Productions

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