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Every now and then we're graced by unforgettable people who leave a shock inspiring lasting impression. Ciara & Steafan brought a tribe of Irishmen (105) to Villa Baroncino for an incredible celebration of their commitment to one-another. Their son Matthew was equally in the spotlight today as it really was a monumental day for the trio, not to mention the whole family! The friends and family on both sides were as tight-knit of a bunch as I've ever seen. Everyone was laughing, getting along and having a great time! The atmosphere was of a week long festival and rightfully so. There was so much to celebrate and be thankful for. So many great memories shared and wonderful moments had by all. It was a cracker!

Cover photo by jules-photographer.com/umbria-wedding-photography/villa-baroncino/

Wedding hosted by romanticitalianweddings.com

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