Partus Films presents KAY. Watch and listen as 2010 World Poetry Slam Champion Ian Keteku recounts the story of one of the worlds deadliest forces. A journey of pain and passion through metaphor.

Directed & Written by Ian Keteku

Produced by Partus Films and The Canadian Council of The Arts

Assistant Director - Craig Allen Conoley
Dance & Choreography - Tressa Wilson
VFX & Illustration - Jesse Winchester Smith
Music - Arlen Yanch
Pyrotechnics - Mathieu Bisonnette
DOP's - Craig Allen Conoley, James Park & Dan Wallace
Production Design - Ian Keteku & Craig Allen Conoley
"Kay" Mix & Master - Omar Rivera
Camera Operators - Craig Allen Conoley, James Park & Dan Wallace
Sound Recording - Emmy Lu Hillman
Production Assistant - Sheldon Keteku
Rentals - Saw Video & Parktown

Shot with 5DM2 & Canon XF300

Message from the Poet

In May of 2008 I traveled to Rwanda as part of a Carleton University directed program to work as a reporter and editor of an urban youth magazine called Blink.

Rwanda is such a beautiful place but there is a history which is less than gorgeous. It is a country recovering from the psychological trauma of going through genocide. This is the context where I found her (the poem). She was surrounded by an atmosphere of glass in a museum. Her smile was as dim as the metaphors she carried in her mouth. There were many potential poems in this commemoration building but she looked at me with a begging gaze, asking me to share her story with whomever I came in contact with. Blink. Too busy to save her from her shiny prison I took a photograph of her face with the intention of translating it into words. Blink.

A year later, in the summer of 09 while visiting family in Calgary I found myself in the basement and the metaphorical water in my pen broke – I was in labor, ready to give birth to this poem. It sometimes is a frantic and awkward sight to behold, me writing a poem. I begin pacing around the room, flaying my hands in all compass directions; grunting, sighing, and snapping pencils, tearing pages, screaming.

It sounds like an exorcism I know but it can also be very beautiful.

After a couple of excruciating hours of pleasure she was born, a brand new baby poem. She has eyes like her father but her grandmother’s smile. Since her birth we have traveled the world telling her story, introducing people to her face, giving her a name. Her name is “Kay.”

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