Dr Jodi Frawley, Merewether Scholar 2009, for her project 'Science, pastoralism and environmental change in nineteenth century NSW'.

The project examines the mobilisation of fodder and forage species during the nineteenth century in support of the pastoral industry. It explores the collaborative relationships between pastoralists, scientists and the rural workforce involved in the introduction of fodder and forage species. This project picks up on the current interest in Australian environmental history, and is a story which is not obvious but which has had a significant impact both environmentally and in the appearance of the Australian landscape.

Merewether Scholarship
The principal purpose of the Merewether Scholarship is to encourage and support the use of the Mitchell Library's collections for the study and research of Australian history in writing and publication amongst scholars, researchers and the wider community, including internationally. The specific focus of the Merewether Scholarship will be for research associated with the nineteenth century history of New South Wales.

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