Babysweet Quote :

"What We See" is a documentary film by babysweet following Two Door Cinema Club across numerous European Festivals in 2012. Shot on one camera by one person the film showcases numerous intimate moments from the road as the band prepare for a world tour that will see them spend another year away from home.

Kevin Baird :

"Touring has become much more normal. When we first started going on tour, everything was really, really exciting and new. We would've sacrificed anything to be there. Obviously, we love going on tour and playing shows and things, but I think we've become more aware of the things we've had to give up to get to this point, and trying to not give up any more."

Alex Trimble :

we wanted to capture how weird it is, the constant traveling, meeting so many people, all the interviews and shows we do every single day, and we also wanted to capture how normal our lives are too – we all sit down for dinner together, we go for walks the three of us, we get our washing done. Those things bring the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle back down to earth."

Alex Trimble :

When we started touring, touring was like this all-consuming force, It just sort of took every single part of my life and touring became my life. The past few years have sort have been not necessarily a struggle, but a learning curve. So it’s learning to be in touch with the people you leave behind and learning to just deal with the ridiculousness of it all.”

Originally the film was released over 4 part via websites such as Rolling Stone , NME and Paste. I'm sure it wil appear as was intended as one solid documentary piece.

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