“Alpha Centauri (α Centauri, α Cen; also known as Rigil Kentaurus, Rigil Kent, or Toliman) is the brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus. Although it appears to the unaided eye as a single object, Alpha Centauri is actually a binary star system (designated Alpha Centauri AB or α Cen AB) whose combined visual magnitude of –0.27 would qualify it as the third single brightest star in the night sky after the –1.46 magnitude Sirius and the –0.72 magnitude Canopus.”

This second release of the Grey Series is dedicated to the above mentioned star ‘Alpha Centauri’.
Ness uses all his skills and experience to create a soundtrack to describe the atmosphere of three important stages.
Drones and metallic sounds that move through space and a mystical universe.
Three tracks where you can feel the depth and experience the fear of the unknown.
Techno of a high quality that fully reflects the school of music where Ness comes from.
Feelings that come from far away!

Ness - Rigil Kent EP
(Only Vinyl, Limited to 250 copies)

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