Voices: Betsy and Kris Smith
Ilustrations: Ciril Horjak
Production: Mateja Verlič

Many times when I'm out talking to bloggers I hear things like: "oh, I don't want to link out from my blog I want my visitors to stay on my blog as long as possible!"

Yeah, you know what. 24/7/365 is awesome, but people have things to do. People are gonna leave your blog at some point, you might as well help them by holding their hand and taking them to another related article that they will find interesting.

When you do that, you win their hearts and the hearts, thats where love comes from. You not only win their hearts, you're gonna win the hearts of the writers of the blogs that you are driving traffic to.

They see the trackbacks, the referrals, they see their rank on the internet climbing … it's all about community. A writer who is interested in same topics as yours ends up at your blog. They might even leave a comment or subscribe or link back to you …

Suddenly you have blogs of the same interest, linking back to you. Can you imagine what this can do to your traffic? Its sick!

So show some love for other writers struggling to create interesting content and link out to them. Let Zemanta help you with that! It will come back to you!

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