Making Waves (2008)
musiccomp: Meg Mitchell
visualcomp: Meg Mitchell

This video takes a satirical look at the historical and literary associations between the feminine and the natural, and how these associations are exploited by contemporary media. Combining the camp value of a \"Victoria\'s Secret\" commercial with the spiraling grandeur of a Wagnerian wave crash my performance echoes the motion of a stretching bird with moves that could have been borrowed from the shower scene in \"Flashdance.\" The white \"censor spheres\" flit playfully around my breasts, serving to accentuate the constructed and unnatural qualities of the movements.

About the artist:
Meg Mitchell creates work in diverse media from video, to performance, digital media and interactive installations. She uses humor to subvert modernist beliefs, and to play with the boundaries between the conceptual and the physical spaces her work occupies. Mitchell borrows from a diverse range of sources such as Greek drama, contemporary advertising, camp, cinema, art history, and media representations of technological progress. Her collaborative exhibition last year at the DC Art Center entitled \"Ian and Jan: the Undiscovered Duo\" was widely praised in the press including reviews in the Washington Post. She is currently a faculty member in the Department of Art at Florida State University.

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