For a professional film track and dolly kit your looking to spend in the high hundreds of pounds.

So why not build your own?

This setup used:

8 Rollerblade wheels (With bearings)
2 X 8ft pvc pipe. (Each pipe cut into 1ft and 7ft peices)
6 x 1ft plank of MDF
8 1/4" bolts at 3 1/2" long.
8 1/4" washers
16 1/4" fender washers
16 1/4 nuts.
1 X cheap old tripod.

You dont have to copy this design. It's important you experiment and customise your track/dolly so that it works well with how you work.

The reasons for this track and dolly set up are:

Quick and cheap to make. Its very mobile and easy to transport from location to location. The track is ideal to use on staggered ground levels like curbs or stairs. This is difficult or more traditional designs. Can place the track on walls, roofs, curbs etc at a range of different heights.

Music - Clint Mansell - Stay with me - Fountain Film soundtrack album.

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