Hi I'm Dan Cull, the President of Gorilla Music and the Co-Author of Rock Your City.

Here at Gorilla Music we believe that lights can make your concerts so much better for your fans. They can help make you look like a national act, while they increase the energy level on stage and in the crowd. A lot of groups don't even think about lights because the sound man turns them on and leaves them up whenever seems to be on board at the time. Most concert clubs have lights, but not a designated light person to run them. but when they do have a light guy, it's incredible! I recommend that you tip your light guy a few extra dollars just to get extra attention from him. This gives you an opportunity to give him direction on how you want the lights during your set.

Most of the best shows are about the movement of the lights! Most lighting systems are simple. I found that the best light shows are all about movement. It's not so much about what you do with the lights; it's about creating some kind of movement with the lights.

The great thing about lights is how it affects everyone in the room, including the members of the group. I promise you, the better your light show; the higher the energy level will be in the room and on stage.

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