Morgan (Cole Panther) is a down and out professional seeking a way out of his existentialist trauma, when he runs into his old business partner who betrayed him, Alex (Akbar Kurtha). Now the stage is set for mutually assured absolution, and the decisions that both Alex and Morgan make in the final moments of this harrowing dramatic thriller will have profound consequences.

Cole Panther
Akbar Kurtha
Connie Jo Sechrist
Jaquelynn Herrera
Ashok Malani
Carl Marino
Rana Weber
Sheena Sawhney
Diana Tran
Sharon Sobotta

Written and Produced by Mohsin Hassan
Director of Photography Nigel Ellis
Directed & Edited by Saqib Mausoof

Music Dhyanidharma Mas
Sound editor Billy Wirasnik
Sound Mixer Tom Ralston
A/D Diana Tran
Prod Manager Ashok Malani
Gaffer Sunny Lo
A/C Saki IchiSaka
Focus Puller/Stills John Parker
Makeup Smoking Dollheads

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