Boulders from a 1 month trip to Colorado.

Climbers in Order of Appearance:
Ed Heitmann, David Quinney, Aaron Schneider, Rachel Meyers

Problems in Order:

Mt. Evans:
(00:17) Downtrail Face, Gateway Boulder V6
(00:49) Bierstadt, Area A V10
(01:54) Pink Fink, Area A V7
(02:29) Seurat, Area A V8
(03:13) Broken Arrow Dyno, Area A V?

Chaos Canyon:
(03:52) Makaila, Lower Chaos V7
(04:31) Deep Puddle Arete, Lower Chaos V5
(05:04) Sunspot, Upper Chaos V10/11
(06:06) Potato Chip Sit, Lower Chaos V8
(07:32) Gang Bang, Lower Chaos V8
(08:22) Tommy's Arete, Lower Chaos V7
(09:28) Unnamed (Bushpilot Warm-up Boulder), Lower Chaos V6
(09:49) Bushpilot, Lower Chaos V11

Emerald Lake:
(11:15) Unnamed (Cube Boulder) V6

(12:01) Tongue in Cheek, Rear End Rock V9
(12:47) Mongolian Cosmonaut Low, Amphitheatre Left Side V10

Aaron Schneider
David Quinney
Ed Heitmann
Johnny Murch

Aaron Schneider

Music (in order):
"Do the Astral Plane" Flying Lotus
"Annie You Save Me" Graffiti6
"The Narcotic Suite - 3 Kilos" The Prodigy
"The End" Lithium Kraft
"Stare Into the Sun" Graffiti6

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