We walked into the entrance of Susquehanna Bank Center on a beautiful third and final day of WXPN's XPoNential Festival to meet the gentlemen from Field Report. We introduced ourselves backstage and explained what we were hoping to do, which unfortunately couldn't be done due to sound check timing issues. We hoped to put these guys on an empty stage, playing to an empty crowd, and in full perspective, a total reverse from our shoot with The Bailey Hounds in the empty field. So, we improvised.

We took a walk across the expansive field and set up in a concession booth. Just as we got the levels right and were about to hit record, a band on the main stage started to so uncheck. We couldn't shoot there without being disturbed by the sound, so, we improvised again.

Dave, Field Reports manager, was already eyeing up the large restroom located some hundred feet from the concession stand. I mentioned we've done a shoot in a bathroom before with Jason from The Homophones, but, that was really only confined to a particular stall. So, we made our way towards the bathroom, instruments in hand, and walked into the gym-smelling facilities of the men's restroom. They performed a song called "Fergus Falls," and here is what came of that performance. Enjoy.
Produced by Out Of Town Films
Cameras: Michael James Murray, Rocco Avallone
Edit: Michael James Murray
Special thanks to Field Report, their manager Dave, & WXPN
Shot on location at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ


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