By capitalizing ont he use of a power sling or swing bag you'll experience amazing results in your core. it transforms your standard medicine ball into a powerful tool in your arsenal for great abs. For such a minimal investment of around $20 online you could incorporate this into your routine. I've allowed my core to reach peak fitness through dynamic exercises like this.

The recommened maximum weight capacity for the medicine ball you use is 20 pounds.


For your convenience I've put the link below in case you'd like to learn more about the product or order your own through Amazon.

This exercise can be great for people with weak core strength. However, if you have severe spinal issues I recommend you check with your doctor to make sure that rotational strength training of your core will be safe.

I am a non-compensated Professional Fitness Specialist who is giving a honest review of this product. I do not claim to give you medical advice. Do the exercises at your own risk!These recommendations are complimentary and I do not take any responsiblity for your safety or any damage you could cause by using these recommendations.

Yours in health,

Chris Knight Professional Fitness, Nutrition and Life Coach since 2001

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