Academy for Young Entrepreneurs (AYE) enables Australian primary school students to dream, invent and change their world by creating micro businesses that support children in developing nations to go to school.

Through the support of trainers, mentors and entrepreneurs, students learn how to take an idea and turn it into a successful micro-business. Ideas are conceived by the participants, filtered, tested for viability, and simple business plans are then developed and pitched to a ‘business panel’.

The Training modules (aligned to National Curriculum) are engaging, practical and easy to understand. The nett profits of micro-business activities support children in developing nations to attend school through partner organisations World Vision and ACC International Relief.

AYE’s philosophy is embodied in the statement “it takes a child to raise a village”. Provided the opportunities, children have the capacity to dream, invent and change their world. AYE seeks to ensure this is harnessed before they ‘grow up’.

Traditional education in Australia is struggling to maintain student engagement and prepare young people to be active and resilient citizens. Approximately, 1 in 15 year 5 students do not meet the basic benchmark for literacy and numeracy. For Indigenous students this is significantly higher at 1 in 4.

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