I drove into the valley after work last week to enjoy some alone time with the blooming dogwood. I found myself clambering up to the base of El Cap to the the rope swing in the alcove. Being up there by myself was nerve wracking enough...doing the swing for the first time was something I'm proud of:) It just happens to be the ride of your life.

For those who are interested:
5D Mk ii
Imported the h.264 clips directly into FCP. Cut it and sent it to Color. Made some minor adjustments. Sent it back to FCP with Apple's prores 422. Added the music, and exported with Compressor using a custom h.264 at 720p and 3mbps.

It was actually really dark the time I did it pointing at myself. Hence the grain...but kudos to the mkii for such a great low light performance!

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