There were lots of concepts that we associated with the ink drops in the opening title of each film.
The whole series was about church, so we wanted to reflect the way people join in and mix together, but are still distinct. There are tons of ways you can show things mixing, but we wanted ours to have an organic, elemental component that would work with the series title, BASIC. We also wanted something colorful that would contrast the black/white shots we did of Francis Chan.
We shot it with a RED camera in a 10 gallon fish tank using food coloring. Things got pretty murky pretty quick after adding 4 different colors, so our editor composited individual blooms over one another.
Fun facts: The original color of the ink in Fear God was green. They're layered in starting with Teaching. The green in Teaching was originally red. So was the blue in Prayer. The ink for Communion was the same bloom that we used for Fear God.
All in all, it was a good way to distinguish each film, especially in the packaging.

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