Kofelgschroa, live at Kranhalle during the wonderful Doppelplattentaufe con. G.Rag y los Hermanos Patchekos

Kofelgschroa s/t CD (Trikont) trikont.de
DLP (Gutfeeling) heavy vinyl gutfeeling.de
coverdesign , siebdruck record bernd hofmann, redcan.de
pics and vids taleofyears.com
if you want to order vinyl or cd please visit the mailorderstores trikont.de(CD)
and gutfeeling.de(Vinyl)
If you like our work please donate TIP JAR a bit, because the team works everytime without payment.(camera, cutting, soundmixing, graphic)We will use it for tapes, Harddrives, flashcards. its the only way to be independent from labels, advertising and producers. our only partners are the musicions and the music of them we love. thanx

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