NASA published folders full of time-lapse photos, copyright free.

Like many others, I compiled the time-lapse photos, converting them into movies, and cropped and cleaned and adjusted the images. I was hoping to use them in a film - - but it turned out they weren't needed.

Since many people are compiling the NASA time-lapses, and we are collectively doing a lot of redundant work, I thought I should explicitly share the clips I've compiled so people can download them and use them in their own projects.

The clips were created in ProRes 444 - 1080p25 and converted to H.264@14Mb to upload to Vimeo. Rumour has it Vimeo will encode them at 7Mb for 1080p.

The 10 shots in the video were selected because they showed solar panels or the sun. For simplicity, they are presented in alphabetical order. (My emotional notes are in parentheses :-)

Aurora Borealis over the Atlantic Ocean 1080p ( A W E S O M E SUN!!)
Middle East to the South Pacific Ocean 1080p (The Future)
Moonglow over Canada and Northern U.S 1080p ( A W E S O M E ! ! !)
Rotating Stars from the Cupola 1080p
Soyuz and the Coastline of Africa 1080p (WOW!!!)
Stars over Eastern United States 1080p
Stars over Switzerland to Saudi Arabia (F*ck!) 1080p
Stars over Western Europe and the Sahara Desert 1080p (Fu*ck!)
The Milky Way and Storms over Africa 1080p
The Milky Way and Storms over Africa STARS 1080p

The music is "To descend" by Grzegorz MAJCHERCZYK.

TIP: If you 'Like' the video, that's like bookmarking it for future reference. You can find it later to download if you need it.

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