A proof of concept I shot over a year ago for a client for a project that never fully materialized. Just using some materials on hand at the studio.

All frames are still images shot with a Nikon D700. I believe it was the 35mm f2 lens. Each frame is a long exposure (10-20 seconds+). Using a variety of different lighting types in each shot, fluorescent, tungsten, ultraviolet, strobe, laser pointers, leds, and different lighting gels.

After a few hundred frames were shot, it was all looked at and sorted out like traditional animation. Planning out which frame would follow another to give the illusion of motion.

Yes, the footage does need to be stabilized in a few spots where the camera was bumped into. (It was an almost totally dark room) But I am far too lazy to do that right now.

The music is a cover of Immigrant Song by Karen O, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo remake Soundtrack.

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