When Tara and Matt first met with us last October and told us that they were planning an outdoor wedding on their property in Uxbridge we immediately thought two things 1. it all sounds fantastic, to have everything outside, especially on your own property and 2. but, what if it rains? Of course anytime one plans an event outside you always take that chance, but mother nature was definitely on their side and the sun shone brightly for Tara and Matt's wedding story. I can't even imagine all the hours Tara spent on planning out every detail of their big day. Every time we chatted by email or talked on the phone she had come up with another idea or had seen another bit of inspiration somewhere and was going to tie into their day. I was so excited to hear all about the props she had acquired as they would bring some vintage feel to the overall decor. Seeing it all unfold on the day was really quite magical. Not only all of the details, but the way their wedding party helped on the day from setting up chairs, tables, bales of hay, little jars on honey, the rocks for guests to write messages on to fresh pink lemonade and the arbour her mom and family members decorated in the morning. Everything was perfect! We planned for their reveal to happen on one of their favourite hiking trails just a few minutes from their home. We knew this was a place that they often enjoyed together,so why not have this special first look happen in the same location? The late afternoon ceremony in their back yard was followed by dinner and dancing under a huge white tent that was elegantly decorated with black and white accents. The food was incredible,

Music: Lunch Table for One by Kerry Muzzey, I Wanna Fall in Love by Tim Halperin,
Licenced through The Music Bed and Songfreedom

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