It has now been a year since I’ve been going to Import Alliance meets since last summer’s 2011 event in Nashville Super Speedway. I must say it has been a blast going to these meets especially with my friends. I will never forget the time we all caravanned to Nashville together through the heavy storm and the ride back home after the event. I have also had fun filming these events from starting with my little sony handycam to my canon t2i. And last summer’s meet was my first car film. Now I’m back at this years Import Alliance summer meet and it brought back memories of how I started.

On to the event itself, this year was held at the ZMax Dragway in Concord, NC. I wasn’t sure if it was as big as last year’s but it sure was amazing once again. It’s always great to see a bunch of car enthusiasts of all types whether it’s Honda, Nissan, scion, infiniti, acura, Hyundai, and many more! The important thing is we all come to a big gathering to meet and greet each other, see other rides we never get to see often or rides we always see from car features, popular facebook car pages, or other internet sites. They all range from civic, accord, integra, nsx, s13 s14 s15 240sx silvia, miata, rx7 rx8, skyline, fit, g35 g37, gs300, kia forte, is300, wrx sti, evo, s2000, sc300, crz, rsx, tsx, golf gti gli, mk4 mk5 mk6, bmw e36 e46 e30, new and old school cars and so much more that I really can‘t think of all that I saw! We all have a passion of cars. We all have our own types like function or form. This year’s meet brought out the stance game a lot. But we can’t forget about the functional cars out there. Many cars were built outstandingly like the infamous IAG Performance JoyRide Orange STI that showcased in front of their booth.

I try to get as many cars and shots as I could. I know there were many other amazing rides out there but the heat was blazing, so many cars were moving and I couldn’t find a lot of them, plus my camera still likes to overheat out there.

Please enjoy this video coverage of Import Alliance. I felt like I could’ve done better though, still there are other videos that capture what I couldn’t have. Thank you for watching!

Canon T2i
28mm f/1.8

Songs in order
Broken Lungs (Adventure Club Remix) - Thrice
Real Hip Hop #3 - Chris Brown
But Not Tho… But So Tho

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