Nothing fancy, just wanted to see the 24p on the FS700 using a variety of rigs, handheld and different lighting concitions. There are two 60fps shots of the dog in the middle, otherwise it's all 24p. Just a camera test, nothing fancy using my wife Susan and my dog as the subjects. I shot this with my friend Hung Tran and did some mild Color grading.

Shot using Metabones Mark I and an assortment of Canon, Zeiss and Tokina lenses. Cinegamma I was used.

Overall I'm very happy with this camera. My only big complaint is some crucial buttons on the side are way too easy to hit, like the Auto ISO, Shutter Speed and Iris buttons. The first few shots on the red bed spread were botched because I accidentally hit the Shutter Speed button which increased it too high.

Song by The Album Leaf.

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