a muslim rapper who goes by the name ed greens was arrested on his skateboard at critical mass in stratford on 27 july 2012. he was arrested but not charged for breaching section 12 of the public order act.

his arrest came in the middle of the islamic observance of ramadan when muslims fast in the daylight hours and break it at sundown. he was not allowed food or water to break his fast although he was allowed to pray - in the middle of the road by a traffic island hidden behind a police van.

a woman who tried to give him water was later also arrested for breaching section 12.

that evening saw the arrests and detentions of 182 cyclists, rollerskaters and skateboarders - some of whom were not even part of "critical mass". critical mass is a monthly bicycle ride established in 1994 to promote safe cycling and awareness of all road users.

more videos of this incident and surrounding incidents can be found on youtube.com/thespacehijackers

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