(:15) Sister Velma: Yes we need to denounce Jeff Berding. We don’t need a Jeff Berding on city council. And I say to our people, please, please do not vote for Jeff Berding. And I want to tell you Thursday when Westwood Concern came down there (to city council). The racist stuff that they said when they were down there. You know and we, you know…

Smitherman: They said it on the mic? Did they say it on the mic?

Sister Velma: They were talkin’ about, you know, pass what, uh, (council members) Greg (Harris) and Leslie Ghiz….

Smitherman: But they were talking on…they were saying it on the mic. We’ll do a public information request and get it and play it on the show. Sister Velma, we got to go. ‘Preciate you, lady. Alright, we’re gonna pull that tape. Bernadette, you got about ten seconds, sis.

Bernadette: Alright, I just wanna say this ain’t nothin’ but some shiftshaping* economic money exchanging goin’ on.

Smitherman: That’s right.

Bernadette: Westwood Concern is no more than a bunch of Jewish and Germans who know that they raped and robbed the black nation. They doin’ whatever they can in they power to keep it goin’ they way.

Smitherman: Alright Bernadette, thank you, sis. Alright listen, community. 281-1900. That’s the number to the NAACP. You can call and join the NAACP. We need you as members.


Immediately preceding this segment, two callers referred to Cincinnati neighborhood group Westwood Concern as "racist." Smitherman concurred and denounced city councilmember Jeff Berding for failing to denounce Westwood Concern. Audio, transcript here: blip.tv/file/2127113


Audio of WDBZ host Phil Waller on "Smitherman on the Mic," 5/16/09: Smitherman has a bodyguard named Big Al; "Your life is on the line": blip.tv/file/2123905

Audio of complete "Smitherman on the Mic" program, 5/16/09: blip.tv/file/2123752 Waller segment is the first ten minutes of the show; call-ins are in the final five minutes.


* "Shapeshifting" (Wikipedia): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapeshifting

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