This film was made on Union Street between Henry and Clinton in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn as part of

Premise: A free camera travels from apartment to apartment capturing life moments from the block's residents.


Family at Dinner: Melissa, John, Ethan and Addison Scott (Block Residents)
Curious Cat: Allister (Block Resident)
Crazy Eyes: Mark Petrella (Block Resident)
Angry Guy: Ryan O'Hara Theisen (Block Resident)
Fallen Stroller Girl: Lucy Lapthorn (Block Resident)
Licking Dog: Fredo (Block Resident)
Skyping Guy & Kickboxer: Bijan Samawat (Block Resident)
Stoop Camera Finder: Sonia Zurita (Block Resident)
Shower Girl & Mazolla's Customer: Diania Merriam (Block Resident)
1st Camera Finder & Costumed Band Member: Troy Farmer (Block Resident)
Dancing Girl & Rooftop Poser: Erin Pope (Block Resident)
Hurried Businessman: Michael Lapthorn (Block Resident)
Camera Finding Kid: Quinn Lapthorn (Block Resident)
Mascara Mom: Siobhán M. White (Block Resident)
Sweatpants Lady: Melissa Caruso Scott (Block Resident)
Last Camera Finder: Adam Grossetti (Block Resident)
Last Camera Finder & Dressing Room Lady: Jen Samawat (Block Resident)
Knife Wielding Lady: Katie Frichtel (Block Resident)

Co-Writers: Troy Farmer,Katie Frichtel (Block Residents)
Co-Directors: Troy Farmer, Katie Frichtel, Ryan O'Hara Theisen (Block Residents)
Editor: Matt McGee (Non-Block Resident)
Co-DP: Bijan Samawat, Ryan O'Hara Theisen (Block Residents)
Co-Producers: Jen Samawat, Erin Pope (Block Residents)
Camera Assistant: Adam Grossetti (Block Resident)
Sound Recordist: Diania Merriam (Block Resident)
Production Manager/Kid Wrangler: Michael Lapthorn (Block Resident)
Music Supervisor/Property Master: Melissa Caruso Scott (Block Resident)

Special Thanks to: The Residents of Union St. (Btwn Clinton & Henry), Mazzola's Bakery, The Indie Film Clinic at Cardozo Law School, Linda Cavagnaro Spadafina. Additional thanks to Tony Scherr (Smells Like Records) for his song "Shows a Little" and the band Wild Cub (Big Light Recording) for their song "Wild Light".

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