I wanted to have ago at creating a simulation of an air ship similar to the amazing work of Pixomondo!
link to article:- cebas.com/?pid=testimonial&tid=72
I created a sphere in 3dsmax stretched it into a simple egg shape and then used the lattice modifier to make the struts. I used PFlow Box2 to simulate the lattice structure colliding with the ground. I set up a few panels of cloth in 3DS Max but couldn't find an easy way to stitch it to the struts without writing a very clever script like Nahel Letizia's :- vimeo.com/34140932
What I did instead was to point cache the lattice and export it to maya where I could then use Ncloth. This alloud me to stitch as many panels together in one go using the Component to Component Constraint set to maximum point distance. I also painted a quick tear map. I then point cached the cloth and loaded it back into max for the final V-ray render. I used XMesh to retime the simulation!

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