Andaman Sea by Matt Bauer from the EP No Shape Can Hold Me Now on Crossbill Records out Oct 23rd, 2012

Matt Bauer - vocal, piano, drums, bells
Jolie Holland - vocal
Jay Foote - bass
Alex Foote - electric guitar
Eric Elterman - violas
Jeff Hudgins - clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone

And then I thought, 
"If this is it, then let it come."
These are just lines on a map 
I erase them 

Up through the clouds till there's nothing
But the morning stars
Oh, when I woke it was night 
I had lost a day
I thought of my mom
How she'd comb my hair
And pull the ticks away

And then I thought, "What moon is this below me tonight?"

And then I thought, " Which sea is this, black and silver in the moonlight?"
And then I thought that I could leave the dark, but didn't know how

And then I thought 
"No Shape, no time, no nothing can hold me now"

And then I thought, 
"If this is it, then let it come.
If this is it, if this is it,
Then let it come."

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