July 2012 Episode of Access America. Terri Cady welcomes special guest Ann Manary, Midland County Clerk, to discuss voting. Major issues include registering to vote, polling place information, and accessible voting through devices like the AutoMark.

Click on a Time-stamp to skip to a particular issue area.

Registering to Vote - 1:15
Do I need ID to register? 3:10
Do I need ID to vote? 4:00
When do I need to register by to vote? 5:00
Absentee Voting - 6:30
Can I lose my voting privilege? 9:00
How do I find out if I'm already registered? 9:25
How do I find out where I vote? 11:37
Are accessible voting machines available? 12:25
Demonstration of the AutoMark voting machine. 14:35
Help America Vote Act & Overcoming Barriers - 24:45
How often are elections held? 26:15

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