At first glance, this episode is confusing.... chopped up, different video qualities and lighting differences. Truth is, this is a stitched together episode of two different attempts to host the same movie! We tried to host "Attack Of The Giant Leeches" months ago.... What we got when we checked the playback was a blurry, smokey-looking mess. We just re-hosted it again! This time, we made sure everything was right. Our lighting was bad last attempt, because both of our atmosphere-inducing light bulbs burnt out.... so we replaced with a different style bulb of the same hue.... That didn't work. So, instead of trashing the entire thing, we used the current hosting as our base.... then added in the surviving clips. To me, the previous hosting attempt was better, if the video quality was better.
We had large, biting bugs that attacked our eyes, ears and mouth.. We had candles that completely became engulfed in flames. Tiki torches that wouldn't stay lit..... You name it...we had it go wrong that night.
The mixed episode may appear weird, but we find it more entertaining than it would have been, the other way.
Thank you to all who allowed us to use music (Midnight Syndicate, Virgil Franklin and CORVO)..... and thank you to all who let us use vid clips (Adam Pearce, Grimm Reaper Productions).
We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did.

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