5 men, who knows nothing about riding long distance.
We knows nothing if shit happen in between our journey.
We were not sure if we could make this endurance.
Without senior riders guides.
Our only plan was to ride the further route from KL to Kota Bharu.
So this is how our journey went... ...
Along the way, we met different riders. We talked to them.
We saw beautiful sky and clouds; we breathed the wind; we drank the rain.
We stopped when we hungry; we speed when we were warm;
We stopped in Cherating for a chilling coconut drink;
We stayed a night in Rantau Abang, to chill a day, to see the sunset and the sunrise;
And we continue riding along the east coast way by the beach;
We lost our way; we past through some small town; we hit 10 traffic lights in 1km road;
Finally, we reached Kota Bharu and we continue riding from spot to spot.
We lunch at Meena, we dinner at 九龙; we eat Kaow Jam; we eat lakso kelate;
We stopped by Sleeping Buddha; we checked out the KTM railway first/last end;
We went to Siti Khatijah Pasar Besar; We chilled at PCB, etc etc etc etc... ...
Endless story to be told!
Oh yeah, we had Gunn riding Ace125 for total distance of over 2000km, which has official gained his legendary respect from all of us.
Anyway, this is our first ride, We made it.

All footage taken by Hooi & Gunn, using GOPRO2 HD & GOPRO.
Logo designed by Dom.
Video editing by Hooi.
Thanks to Hooi's dad for some useful advice,
Thanks to Kahgiap for editing knowledge,
Thanks to Kitdastudio for FotometerPRO apps.

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy the shaky video.
It's shaky, because if you don't ride, you don't know. :P

Song: Open Road Music Video Starring Joe Janiak
Into The Fire - Thirteen Senses

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