"Horsepower" the Movie is not ALL about rescues and training. Expect some excitement and prepare to witness the sheer physical power of these incredible animals!

This video features the Randy Dodge and his beautiful draft horse team, who won the hitch pull event, where teams compete to pull increasingly heavy loads of concrete at least 20 feet. This team won the competition, pulling 9,500 lbs! These draft horses are trained to pull heavy loads and no animals were harmed in the making of this motion picture.

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"HORSEPOWER" THE MOVIE : A documentary film investigating humankind's relationship with horses and the disturbing truths about rescue, slaughter and the current welfare of horses in America.

OUR GOAL: To educate America on the history and current state of horse welfare and positively impact regulation, training, horse care and rescue – we strongly believe this movie will help align stakeholders and improve the lives of horses. This movie is not a plea to share the opinions of the filmmakers -- far from it -- we aren't arguing absolute positions for or against horse slaughter or any other hot issues. We are passionate and we are “pro-horse”, but we take an objective approach to our research and filmmaking.

HOW WE GOT STARTED: We've invested in this project because we are documentary filmmakers committed to positive social change. Producer Chris Jonason brings lifelong horse experience to the team, and it was her passion and persistence in the form of frequent chats in the mountains of Washington state that gave life to Horsepower the Movie. We've come a long way!

WHERE WE ARE IN PRODUCTION: Over the last several months the Horsepower team has captured an incredible amount of compelling media, developed new and powerful insights on the state of horses in the US, and attracted a passionate following as a result of our prolific filming, photography, blogging and interaction with the equine world. The videos we've created thus far are just a tiny fraction of what we've captured and we are confident that if this project is successful, the richness of the story and the production value of the movie will increase dramatically.

We are currently seeking sponsors and investors to complete production of the film with a 2-month filming tour across America. We will visit numerous ranches, rescues, public events and every-day horse owners across America - we will tell the story of the American horse by going to the American horse, in its many different walks of life across the United States.

This is the story of the American horse. Educating people about the state of horses in the U.S. is only part of what we hope to accomplish. This movie is just as much about how we settled the frontier, raised crops, and relied upon and bonded with the horse throughout our history. We want to reawaken people's love of the horse and their passion for connecting with other living beings.

While many may have forgotten about the horse, our equine friends have not forgotten about us. They have helped us with all that we have asked of them and now it is time to return the favor. Thank you for your time, and if you can contribute, thanks again!

~ Ry, Sam and Chris - the Horsepower the Movie team

Director / Editor: Ry Wardwell
Director of Photography: Sam Nuttmann
Producer: Chris Jonason
Production Assistant: Garrett Meyers

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